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Laser Drilling Machine


Applies a new high power laser and high speed scanning system model to greatly enhance production efficiency High rigidity worktable combined with Tongtai's control system which allows the machine to have a positioning accuracy of lower than ±3μm and a drill precision of lower than ±15μm New image processing technology that has enhanced noise processing and contract enhancement functions Improving sub-layer targeted image recognition, allowing for a stable targeted drilling process technology High peak power laser and unique optical system design, improving copper foil drilling quality, realizing direct drilling of black oxide copper foil and brown oxide copper plates



Specification TLC-2H22
Working area (560x620)x2 panels mm
Positioning speed 50 m/min
Accuracy ±3 μm
Laser type 9.4 μm CO2 Laser
Max. avg. power 350 W
Repetition rate 1,000~10,000 Hz
Pulse width 2~100 μs
Scan field 70x70 mm
Scan accuracy ±10 μm



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