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Active Innovation, Creation of Value, and Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

We can integrate technology and create structural designs based on the customer's requirements and proposals tailored to individual customers, respond to and solve any customer problems quickly so customers can start making profits using Tongtai machines. This is what gives us at Tongtai a sense of accomplishment.

Cultivating Talent

Many employees enter the workforce as "I-shaped" persons who specialize in a single field and develop each of their expertise. When they start developing another skill, expanding their field of knowledge, and gradually gaining cross-disciplinary expertise, they become what is known as "T-shaped" persons, or all-rounders. T-shaped persons have a deeper understanding of their professional abilities and insights while still possessing a wide range of knowledge. They are very proactive, efficient, and adaptable in their work and can create horizontal links within the organization; it resembles a football team's offensive formation, with each member working with open arms and concerted efforts.


We cultivate every "TT-shaped" person to become a "T-shaped" person so they possess a strong professional foundation and a diversity of knowledge, creating talented workers with both depth and breadth. Some will even evolve into "π-shaped" persons and "claw-shaped" persons with two and even three areas of expertise.

Training and Education

In addition to accumulating technological experience by doing, the company holds internal training courses regularly according to employee seniority and ability. These courses are coupled with external training courses so that employees can continue to learn. The company provides employees with a variety of training courses and development modes to encourage Tongtai Machine employees to match their self development with the company's long term plans. The company has developed training programs designed to cultivate well-rounded workers based on multi-angled analysis of employee position, grade, developmental stage, etc.

Industry-academia Collaborations

In order to more extensively cultivate the future backbone of Taiwan's precision machinery industry, Tongtai Machine has initiated industry-academia collaboration programs with well-known universities so that students can intern at Tongtai while studying.


  • Number of days off: Two days a week
  • Insurance: Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance
  • Corporate pension fund: 6% of wages paid into pension fund monthly
  • Health checkup: Annual employee health checkups
  • Employee bonuses
  • Holiday gift vouchers for three main Chinese festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival), Mid-Autumn Festival bonus
  • Birthday bonus
  • Meals: Lunch allowance, overtime meals provided free of charge
  • Company trips: Annual trips around Taiwan or subsidies for trips abroad
  • Employee benefits for weddings and funerals
  • Scholarships for employees and their children
  • Labor Day activities: Recognize senior employees with awards and gifts
  • Subsidies for community activities
  • Year-end dinner, lottery
  • Breastfeeding room

Tongtai environment

All air conditioning factory

Office environment bright

Staff canteen

Feeding the breast room

Training classrooms

Sports and leisure


Awarded the TTQS(Talent Quality-management System) Bronze Medal

Tongtai's emphasis on personnel training, excellent training quality, and training performance has been recognized by the Workforce Development Agency!


Workplace Equity Excellence Award

Tongtai Machine is committed to providing a friendly work environment for our employees and protecting the rights and interests of employees. It was awarded the Workplace Equity Excellence Award, promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology's Hsinchu Science Park, and recognized for the company's efforts in actively promoting workplace equity and a harmonious working environment.

TTQS evaluation bronze medal

Workplace Equality Award

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