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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is the indispensable part in our sustainable development strategy. Tongtai put a lot of efforts to improve the development on economic, society and environment in addition to business operations. This page will offer our goals, strategies, methods, and outcomes about CSR to Tongtai’s stakeholders which including managers, employees, shareholders, and all of the partners who want to know more about Tongtai.


CSR Promotional Organization

The Tongtai Code of Service is the basis for us to implement CSR. The central idea is that all employees uphold the same belief and conduct: when facing challenges from business competition, we must not compromise ethical operations or break any laws to seek profits and growth for the organization. Instead, we aim at a higher standard to create greater values and contributions to society.



It is the ultimate value of Tongtai’s business operation and enables Tongtai to earn trust and respect from customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and society.



We respect and maintain democracy and the rule of law, observe the law and standards proclaimed by the industry. In addition, we pursue operational excellence with higher standards.


Respect for Human Rights

Respect for human rights is a universal value. When facing employees, customers, and suppliers around the world, we maintain the principle of fairness and respect for the individual differences.



We are in the pursuit of green production by reducing the environmental impact from producing processes and using products to contribute our part to environmental sustainability.


Social Engagement

In addition to develop our own growth and expansion, we are glad to share with disadvantaged groups nearby where our business is operated to balance and continually improve economic, social, environmental performances.


Information Disclosures

We periodically disclose relevant information on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) with reference to the relevant regulations and have assigned special staff to disclose material information to the public and accept public enquires at any time. In addition, information is disclosed to comply with the integrity, concurrency, fairness, and transparency principles. Apart from publishing financial information, financial statements, annual reports, and material information over the MOPS, we post the stock information, financial information, stock price quote, corporate governance, and notices in the investor section on the corporate website (http://www.tongtai.com.tw/). In addition, an English site has been established for foreign investors.


Download Tongtai ESG/CSR Report

It’s our pleasure to invite you to download the complete Tongtain Annual ESG/CSR report as below to know more about Tongtai.

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