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Company Profile


NO.1 Amongst the Best

Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd.(4526. TW) is a machine manufacturer with the biggest scale among TTGroup’s members, and also is the listed company with the highest revenue among Taiwan’s machinery manufacturing groups. 


55 Years of Sturdy Technology Foundation

We were established in 1969, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and become a listed company at the stock exchange market in 2003. We started with producing customized machines, and now we become the maker with diversity production lines.


More than 3 Producing Bases

Tongtai's first plant and second plant are both located in the Luzhu Scientific Park in Kaohsiung, whereas our overseas production plant TongYu Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. is located at Suzhou, China.


Advanced Technology

Tongtai has always emphasized "Innovation" as our key of entrepreneur development which can be seen from the investment 3%-5% as R&D's budget every year. Besides to focus the R&D in cutting machine's field, our development also across for advanced processing technology such as ultrasonic assisted machining, laser processing, 3D metal printing…etc. Based on years of experiences and technology, Tongtai has successfully passed the application of 234 patents in global.


Complete Machining Solutions

We have diverse production lines which including vertical/horizontal machining centers, vertical/horizontal lathes, multi-tasking machining centers, boring & milling lathes, metal additive manufacturing equipment, PCB machine, and laser processing equipment, thus allowing us to provide a one-stop solution for any requirement. We are very experienced and capable of turnkey solutions and whole plant exports. Everything from the initial machine planning to the final machine processing can be designed and executed by Tongtai, where the customer only needs to check and accept to begin mass production.


Capable of Both Hardware and Software

Tongtai Machine & Tools Co., Ltd. established professional software and automated system research unit which can deal with anything from smart manufacturing systems, production line management system and enhanced to smart production lines, developing from PLC composition to machine control system.


Over 85 Sales Service Networks around the Globe

Tongtai Machine & Tools Co., Ltd. has established direct sales offices in Asia, Europe, South-East Asia and other key countries, such as our branches in China, Japan, Thailand and other over 85 sales service networks, so that you can find a reliable vendor close by.


Enterprise Philosophy

Tongtai's trademark is made of two "T" shapes, each being made from four "T atoms". The grey T represents Tongtai being connected to technology, quality and service; the blue T represents our customer, and is connected to trust, profit and satisfaction. We hope to combine the two T so that we can demonstrate the perfect connection between Tongtai and our customers, society and the company, and the relation between past and present connecting into the whole world.


The English letter T looks like the Chinese character for "people" when it's turned at an angle. People represent the foundation of our company. Every employee at Tongtai is our most important asset and everyone stands together for the Tongtai spirit.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the best partner who can assist industries to reach success; our mission is to be the machinery equipment's leading provider of integrated solutions. We put "people" first and to persuade innovation. We provide career for staffs, create value for customers, and make profits for shareholders.

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