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Dr.TT Platform

Tongtai has rich practical experience of customization which provides the best machining solutions. Through years of experience, Tongtai understands customers’ questions on the production line. In order to optimize customers’ production issues, we provided Dr.TT industrial consultation service to sort out your process first and solve your OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). If you are interested in this service, please feel welcome to contact us.


Free consultation : https://www.tongtai.com.tw/en/contact.php  

Successful stories : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9KZVUaN-uegdBuBSSLjUOHvKNE10T8sP  

Dr.TT Platform

Manufacturing pain points


Machine Tools solutions

Standard, Optimization and Integration & Intelligence are the 3 categorizations we provided to meet customers’ various demands.



Integration & Intelligence

S – Standard

Tongtai has rich production lines, we not only provide various machine types including:: horizontal /vertical CNC lathe; horizontal/vertical machining center; multi-tasking turning center; 5 axis machine center; tapping center; ultrasonic assisted machine; and additive manufacturing equipment; but, we also provide customized functions and options that customers request.

**Customized functions and options could be consulted on with Tongtai technical team

  • Standard machines                     
  • Standard variation
  • Customized options
  • Customer add options (*)


5 axis machining

Additive manufacturing

O – Optimization

Tongtai is famous for special purpose machines. For every customer’s specific industry and production demands, we offer optimized suggestions and suitable options to maximize their efficiency and production.

  • Specific workpiece
  • Specific industry

Industrial specific machine

Special purpose machine

Available for various peripheral units

I – Integration & Intelligence

Tongtai has completed hardware / software products and service support, we assist customers to plan the production line from single to whole factory and also integrate cross-brand equipment. Moreover, “Digital Twin” will be applied at the beginning stage to assist production planning and decrease the risks of design modifications. The machining parts can be simulated before real processing to optimize the production efficiency.

  • Turnkey solution, trial test
  • Controller, Sensor, intelligent function
  • Automated machine/production line
  • Intelligent factory


CPS (Cyber-Physical System)

Wheel production line

Tongtai Intelligent manufacturing solution

Turnkey Solution

Tongtai has rich experience in turnkey solutions and also provides the service of the whole production planning. Starting from the engineering analysis, we will provide suggestions for the tools, fixtures, production line planning and machining programs. Furthermore, we also do trial tests for ensuring the machine performances before the delivery to the customers.


Engineering Analysis & Planning

We plan the process starting from the procedure breakdown, and satisfy the requirements of cost, quality and precision of the components.

Tool Planning & Design

Professional tool use strategies ensure that the processing time and quality fulfill all requirements. With specially designed tools, processing time can also be shortened.

Jig Fixture Design

To satisfy requirements regarding processing capabilities and ensure the quality of the product, a jig fixture design that complements the machines' characteristics is required.

Production Line Planning

We choose and develop customized tools in consideration of the customer's plant size and production requirements, while providing suitable automated systems solutions for workpiece transporting, testing and cleaning. We design a production line best suited to our customer.

Process Planning Programming

We find the most optimized route and adjust equipment parameters, based on the tools and fixture designs to achieve optimized processing efficiency.

Batch Trial Production and Verification

We satisfy all customers' demands, concerning geometric accuracy, roughness and cycle time. We verify the suitability of our designs through quality testing and CPK verification.

Engineering consulting

Customized fixture

Wheel production line



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