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Additive Manufacturing


Additive manufacturing is a production method that, in contrast to the traditional subtraction process, can directly process a 3D digital model into a physical component. This process is colloquially known as “3D-printing”. The 3D printing process is able to produce highly complex exteriors, light yet sturdy structures, conforming cooling designs with specific functions, and others that are not possible with traditional methods. This brings about a myriad of new design possibilities in which the designer's ideas can be realized and the product development process can be accelerated.

Metal 3D printing

Whatever You Require, We Can Provide

As your AM solution provider, Tongtai can offer you a one-stop solution including equipment, software, peripherals, and a professional engineering team for consulting or training services.  We are not simply effort to provide solutions; we also aim to create more possibilities for you.

Control system

Professional engineering consultant

Metal Powder Bed Fusion Machine

The selective laser melting process splits workpiece into workable layers with 3D digital model by using professional software, and conducts multiple cycles of metal powder deliver, laser melting, piling on layer by layer until the work is completed. And then can take out the actual workpiece after cleaned and recycled the metal powder. The metal powder bed fusion machine can greatly decrease the development time for any product development, allowing concepts to be realized rapidly.

Power deliver system

Selective laser melting

3D printed product

Metal Powder Direct Energy Deposition and Subtractive Manufacturing Machine

Metal powder direct deposition processing transmits the metal powder via gas and uses with powerful lasers to melt the metal onto the board for creating structures. The machine integrates a CNC multi-axis machining function and laser hardening function, thereby allowing for complex exterior designs, while also being used for repair, surface processing and other industrial applications.

Laser melting

Multi-axis machining

Metal Powder

Tongtai provide stringently tested and researched high quality metal powders, including CoCrMo, SS316L, SKD61, MS1, Ti64-ELT etc. To expand 3D printing technology applications into more industries, we strive conduct research into a wider variety of materials and parameters. We strongly suggest you to use the metal powder which provides by Tongtai for processing, to ensure that you can achieve the ideal quality and product you desire.

Metal powder under a microscope



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