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Enterprises should be sustainable development to understand the issues of concern to interested parties, and through transparent channels to communicate with them as an important reference for sustainable development.For interested parties may have different issues, TTGroup can provide the best pipeline, and the group "people-oriented spirit of the enterprise" for the combination.

Stakeholder Contact Information

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Contact Info Department Contact E-mail
Customers Customer Service Department Mr. Sun service@tongtai.com.tw
Employees Human Resource Department Ms. Yang hr@tongtai.com.tw
Shareholders Group Administration Office Mr. Yang ir@tongtai.com.tw
Suppliers Supply and Procurement Division Mr. Zhang supply@tongtai.com.tw
Investment / News contact
Spokesman Contact Phone
Spokesperson Miss. Yen +886-7-976-1588
Acting spokesperson Mr. Zheng +886-7-976-1588

Headquarters and factory contact information:Global Network

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