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Tongtai focuses on the production side within the scope of Industry 4.0, aiming to provide solutions to customers with multi-axis machines and multi-function tools and automated systems. By integrating the tools with sensors and other equipment, real time information can be extracted and transformed into easily understandable data by smart software including data such as real-time monitoring, and operation rate statistics, etc.

Internet of Machines

Tongtai Line Management System

Tongtai Line Management System receives data from equipment connected to the network. It then calculates the information such as real-time operation rates or activation, and presents it on a user-friendly interface. By using TLM, operators can effectively control the production status and the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) to optimize the production line and improve the overall production efficiency.

Equipment status monitoring



Tongtai Intelligent Manufacturing System

Tongtai Intelligent Manufacturing System(TIMS) has five main functions: production management, smart monitoring, tool management, component management, and maintenance. By connecting to a PC platform via NC, the smart software can process the data, received by the sensors, to control and adjust the machines or provide feedback to operators. This can aid our customers in improving their production efficiency, enhance their processing accuracy, and make operation and maintenance more convenient.


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Professional Software Development Team

According to our experience, every company has different demands which only can be satisfied with customized plans. Therefore, Tongtai organized a team, composed of professional software development members, to do customized revision to meet your demands so you can enjoy the greatest benefits.

Software development team

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