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Additive Manufacturing

Light Structure Design

Additive manufacturing technology can be applied to building complex structures which conquered the restraints of traditional processing such as cutting and moldingIt allows designs become more flexible. Metal materials are widely applied to aerospace and transportation industries.

Complex structures

Light design


Additive manufacturing technology’s applications can be seen in biomedical industry which includes presurgery and postoperative support models, medical equipment development sampling and production, and etc. Customized braces or prosthetics can also be built via additive manufacturing, allowing them to be more ergonomic, thus aiding the users to live with more convenience and comfort.

Artificial joints

Artificial joints


Die & Molds

Traditional molding process requires around 11 steps. However, if we can use additive manufacturing we can effectively reduce that to 6 stepsand complete the process by just 2 engineers. By using additive manufacturing, we can greatly reduce the required manpower, time, material and development costs, and can easily complete conformal cooling to achieve the ideal cooling quality.

Shoes mold

Cultural and Creative

Additive manufacturing is a highly flexible process which transcends the limitations of workpiece’s shape and structure, allowing for complex models to be easily built. This type of restraint-free design is extremely beneficial to designers in the culture and arts fields such as jewelry or crafts’ industries.

Cultural creative crafts

Cultural creative crafts



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