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Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

Tongtai produces CNC lathes, general purpose and special processing machines, and other electrical equipment. We take very seriously the environmental impact of the paint works, assembly, and other operations during manufacturing. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, we at Tongtai agree that impacts to air, water and noise pollution have to be suitably managed to provide all employees and surrounding residents with a safe, healthy, and comfortable living and working environment. Based on the above mentioned principles, and the unanimous agreement of all environmental management system council members, we put forth the following environmental policy. This shall be followed by all within the enterprise, suitably publicized to maintain an amicable environment, and fulfill our company's responsibility to the environment.


Comply with Environmental Regulations

We pledge to ensure that our company's products, activities, and services abide by governmental environment regulations and all other related regulations pertaining to environmental protection.


Commit to Pollution Prevention

We pledge to apply the suitable production methods, equipment, technology to reduce air, water pollution and implement waste classification and reduction.


Participation by All

We shall combine our goals of environmental protection with the work goals and targets of all departments, in order to implement it within daily managements via promotion, education, communication and coordination.


Continuous Improvement

Through suitable auditing and inspection, we strive to continuously improve our company's products and services to constantly improve our environmental management.

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