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Tongtai- Technological Application Center (T-TAC)

Being a machine tools manufacturer, Tongtai had won the reputation in the automotive industry for many years, and we are now stepping into the Aerospace field. With years of industrial experiences and provided various solutions, we are able to find the most suitable solution to meet customer demands.

Trial Production

Through the machining process planning and jig & fixture design, Tongtai’s technical application staffs are able to provide technological feasibility rapidly.

Machining Technology Application

Professional CAD/CAM and tool application staff innovates machining solutions for providing high-efficiency solutions to customers.

Training and development

Professional technical application staff provides necessary training to customers, agents, teachers, students, and employees for strengthening the capacity of machine operation.

Technology publishing and machine exhibiting

T-TAC is able to reserve for individual and group visits, also available for new product and new technology publishing besides equipment exhibiting. This is a place to provide the latest information to customer, and receive different thinking for both sides better growth.

Finding T-TAC in the world

Tongtai Machine & Tools Co., Ltd. currently has application centers in Taiwan, China, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand and other locations. You can find the closest T-TAC to you on our Global Network, and contact us via the "Contact Us" icon in the upper right hand corner to arrange a visit.

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