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Total Solution

Total Solution

Tongtai has a complete production line, as well as extensive experience in automation and turn-key projects.

Turnkey Solution

Engineering Analysis & Planning

We plan the process start from the procedure breakdown, and satisfy the requirements of cost, quality and precision of the components.


Tool Planning & Design

Professional tool use strategies ensure that the processing time and quality fulfill requirements. With specially designed tools, processing time can also be shortened.


Jig Fixture Design

To satisfy requirements regarding processing capabilities and ensure the quality of the product, a jig fixture design that complements the machines' characteristics is required.


Production Line Planning

We choose and develop customized tools in consideration of the customer's plant size and production requirements, while providing suitable automated systems solutions for workpiece transporting, testing and cleaning. We design a production line best suited to our customer.


Process Planning Programming

We find the most optimized route and adjust equipment parameters, based on the tools and fixture designs, to achieve optimized processing efficiency.


Batch Trial Production and Verification

We satisfy all customers' demands, concerning geometric accuracy, roughness and cycle time. We verify the suitability of our designs through quality testing and CPK verification.




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