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Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Our company's quality management policy is built upon the basis of our business philosophy of "Responsibility, creativity, honesty, faith, diligence, fairness and law". The quality management policy is, fundamentally: "Quality assurance, profit creation, sustainable development". This policy has been reviewed by our management for its applicability, relevance and effectiveness.


Quality Assurance - Foundation to sales, the backbone of the enterprise

We seek to realize and continually improve our quality management system to ensure that we can guarantee the quality of our products. With our quality assurance, we not only seek to build the trust of our existing customers but also enhance the effectiveness of our product promotions with their recommendations.


Profit Creation - Quality assurance, strive for zero defects and to increase customer satisfaction

We implement and continually improve our quality management system to reduce waste and strive for zero defects. By increasing our customers' satisfaction, we can create profit for ourselves. This is the best way for an enterprise to grow.


Sustainable Development - New product development, increasing added value, fulfilling corporate social responsibility

By ensuring quality, creating profit and providing comprehensive post-sales services, to promptly react to customers' feedback and demands, we can derive an edge over other competitors in not only quality, price, delivery timings and others but also added value and new product development. Only through such measures can we attain sustainable development and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

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