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Ultrasonic Assisted Machine

Ultrasonic Assisted Machining Technique

By leveraging a tool's high frequency vibration (15-45kHz) and its maximum rotation speed (24,000 RPM), a new machining technique is achieved well suited for working with hard & brittle materials processed via grinding and pounding. Cutting stress is reduced by 30% to 70% when the tool/grinding rod comes into contact with the material (based on different material properties), thus extending the tool life as well as enhancing surface quality.

Up to 24,000 rpm

Greatly decreases cutting stress

Reduce Edge Clipping When Working with Hard & Brittle Materials

Through ultrasonic assisted machining techniques, hard & brittle materials can be processed easily with minimized clipping size.

Processing of hard & brittle materials such as glass

No clipping on contour processing

Prolong Tool Life

Increases the tool life by reducing cutting resistance. By using 0.5mm precision hole drilling in silicon wafers, as an example, tool life is increased from 3 to 236 holes drilled.

0.5mm silicon wafer micro drills

Diamond tools

Superior Surface Quality

Through ultrasonic assisted machining, surface roughness can reach Ra 0.2 μm, greatly reducing the time required for polishing process.

Immaculate striation surface processing of aluminum alloys

Finishing process of aluminum alloys reaches precision of Ra 0.2 μm

Ultrasonic Control Technology

Excellent ultrasonic control technology ensures the processing stability under long durations. Through operating the machine controller's M-code, we can easily execute movements such as automatic frequency scanning, frequency choosing, power adjustment, and switching the ultrasonic on/off, controls

Automatic frequency scanning

BBT Tool System

Adopt BBT tool system to first do rough processing with standardized tools. Then turn on the ultrasonic function to do finish processing with ultrasonic tool holders. These procedures can greatly increase operating efficiency.

Applicable standard tools

Industry Applications

Can be applied to medical, molding, high tech ceramic, glassware, automobile and aerospace industries.


High-tech ceramics

Glassware, jewelry processing

Automobile finishing process

Finished surface processing for aerospace industries

Finished surface processing for molding industries



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