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Authorized Economic Operator


Authorized Economic Operator Policy

We at Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. aim to focus product research and innovation to create more value to the machine tool industry, thereby providing greater value to customers and enhancing our enterprise's overall value. To ensure the rights of our products' users, we strive to maintain the safety of our manufacturing process, providing safe, convenient storage and operation safety management, and guarantee our customer service quality. We also aim to constantly optimize the security management of our supply chain.


We pledge:

To comply with international safety regulations

We shall follow our company's safety regulations and other required items, and strive to fulfill international safety regulation standards.


To realize supply chain safety awareness

We implement supply chain safety education, increase our employees' understanding and self-awareness regarding safety management, and promote participating and realization of safety works.


To enhance communications

We promote communication with and among employees, as well as upstream and downstream partners. We have established a channel for transmitting policy and related information and to provide suitable feedback.


To take risk management seriously

Through the process of safety-hazard confirmation, risk assessment and management, we strive to confirm, assess and conduct necessary risk minimization and corresponding control measures to ensure the security of our supply chain.


To make continuous improvement

We have thoroughly implemented our supply chain management system, thereby continuing to improve the safety efficiency of the supply chain.


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