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Corporate Executives

  Title Name Education and Experience
Jui-Huiung Yen Chairman& Gereral Manager Jui-Huiung Yen

Mr. Jui-Huiung Yen served as our gereral manager from 1996 to 2008 and has served as our chiarman since September, 2008.  He again has served as our gereral manager since  September, 2015.  He also serves of the chairman of Suzhou Tongyu Machine Tool Co.,Ltd, Asia Pacific Elite Corp., Tong Fong Automation Co.,Ltd., PCI-SCEMM, Contrel Technology Co., Ltd., F.S.E Corporation and Ever Lumin Incorporation, respectively and the director of Yeou Sheng Machine Co., Ltd. and Cyber laser Taiwan Co., Ltd. (representative of Contrel Technology Co., Ltd. ).   Mr. Jui-Huiung Yen formerly served as the chairman of The Allied Association For Science Park Industries and serves as the chairman of Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, the chairman of Precision Machinery Research & Development Center and the director of Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association.  He holds a bachelor's degree in power mechanical engineering from National Chung Cheng University.

Shen-Mao Wang Senior Manager of Electronic Equipment Business Division Shen-Mao Wang



Mr. Shen-Mao Wang has served as our senior manager since 2008.  Mr. Wang graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Orientai Institute of Technology.

Chin-Cheng Yang Senior Manager of Technology Application Department Chin-Cheng Yang



Ching-Ho Chen Senior Manager of Production Administration Division Ching-Ho Chen


Ying-Chun Huang Senior Manager of Sales & Service Operations Division Ying-Chun Huang

Mr. Ying-Chun Huang has joined Tongtai since 1990 and serves as senior manger of Sales & Service Operations Division currently.  Mr. Ying-Chun Huang also serves as general manager of subsidiaries, PCI and Tongtai Europe. 

Feng-Hui Chiou Senior Manager of Greater China Business Department Feng-Hui Chiou

Mr. Feng-Hui Chiou serves as general manager of Suzhou Tongyu Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.  He formerly served as our sales manager and vice general manager of Suzhou Tongyu Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.  Mr. Feng-Hui Chiou graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nanya Institute of Technology.

Chih-Chen Wang Senior Manager of Mechanical R & D Department Chih-Chen Wang


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