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PCB Routing Machine

Tongtai TRM & DCRM series routing machine's main frame and main components are made from highly stable cast-iron material, and are able to withstand the heavy loads of routing processing with its good vibration suppression and stable processing accuracy. The TRM series can fulfill a variety of production characteristics with its three platform options, including the pin push type, two pin type and vacuum table type, while being able to compensate the θ value and expand or contract volume when complemented with a high accuracy CCD examination system. This series has a spindle that is capable of up to 80,000rpm, and can be fitted with a laser tool measuring system, optical broken bit detection system and automatic tool changer system with a tool capacity of up to 200 tools. The pressure foot has high reliability and high chip collection capability, thus enhancing processing precision. The SIEB & MEYER controllers have excellent human-computer interfaces that are easy to control.

Tool plate

Laser measured

SEIB & MEYER controllers

Depth Controlled Routing Processing

Unlike traditional routing machines, Tongtai's DCRM series are equipped with a depth regulation unit. The depth search bit can detect the work area's surface curves; after calculation with the main spindle bit's Z-axis height, it can receive the Z-axis's height and control it accordingly. This provides customers that have specific depth requirements with an even more precise depth control solution.

Mapping curved surface status

Remaining Thickness Control

The sensor array can determine the flatness of the a whole working area of the phenolic formaldehyde resin (PF), which then the controller can use to build a virtual curved surface, designating the "remaining thickness value" and upwards, which a tool will then conduct controlled depth operations based on the "surface height".

PF sensor array

Virtual curved surface

Remaining thickness control mode

Depth Control

After fixing the work price, load the program's "Tool start point", automatically measure the work piece's surface, settled "depth value" and begin routing from top to fixed depth value.

Automatic measurement

Depth control mode



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