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Tongtai (TWSE: 4526) 2021 Q3 BOD Press Release

Recently, the board of directors approved the third quarter and the first three quarters of the financial report, the third quarter and the first three quarters of revenue and profit were both new highs compared to the same period and turned into a profit, mainly because the past product line consolidation began to ferment. Revenue in the third quarter was nearly NT$2.5 billion, EPS climbed from NTD 0.09 to NTD0.46in the same period last year; consolidated revenue in the first three quarters was NTD7.239 billion, an increase of nearly 26% from the same period last year, and EPS also increased from NTD -0.37in the same period last year to NTD 0.58. In the first three quarters of 2021, the after-tax net profit attributable to the parent company was approximately NTD147 million, and the after-tax earnings per share were NTD0.58. Spokesperson Yen Lu said that due to the recovery of the machine tool industry, the amount of orders currently in hand remains at NT$4 billion, and the operating growth this year and next year can be expected.

In response to the increasing global electric vehicle market and China accounts for a high proportion of the global electric vehicle market, Tongtai will join hands with its European subsidiaries PCI and ANGER Machining to participate in the Shanghai International Automotive Chassis Systems and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Exhibition, which will debut on November 9th. New energy vehicle lightweight structural parts, battery shells and other processing solutions are jointly attacking the Asian market.

In addition, Tongtai(4526) electronic-related equipment revenue in the first three quarters of 2021 increased by 50% over the same period. It also actively participated in the 2021 Taiwan Circuit Board Industry International Exhibition (TPCA Show) from December 21 to 23. The theme of this time is "5G and IC bearer solutions", aiming at the high growth rate of the market driven by 5G applications and IC demand, comprehensively integrating the technological trends of large size, high-level number, small aperture and high precision, exhibited the TDL series of mechanical drilling machines and mines. Shooting equipment... and other products to meet customer related needs. At 2021 SEMICON Taiwan, which will debut from December 28 to 30, Tongtai will exhibit focusing on laser drilling of fan-out package semiconductors. It mainly helps semiconductor industry players to comply with Moore’s Law, in addition to process miniaturization technology, the energy of opening technology in the 3D packaging process allows the industry to be more effective in the multi-layer packaging design.

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