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Multi-Tasking Turning Center


Applies single power turret for turning and milling process

75 degree lathe structure allowing for good chip removal and controllability

Low machine gravity center, allowing for overall structure to have good rigidity

X/Y/Z-axis are orthogonal to each other, allowing for high straightness and positioning accuracy

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Specification TD-2000Y[BC]
Chuck O.D. 8" inch
Bar capacity Ø51(Opt. built-in type Ø51) mm
X/Y/Z/B axis travel 230/±51/600/[630] mm
X/Y/Z/B axis rapid traverse 30/15/30/[30] m/min
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle speed 4,500 (Opt. 3,500) rpm
Spindle motor 18.5/15/11 kW
Sub-spindle chuck O.D. [6"] inch
Sub-spindle speed [5,000] rpm
Sub-spindle motor [7.5/5.5] kW
Tool capacity 12 pc



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