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Ultrasonic Assisted Machining Center


Excellent ultrasonic control technology, able to automatically complete frequency scanning and power settings efficiently

Tool vibrates periodically (15~45 kHz), reduces cutting resistance and enhance surface quality

24,000RPM high speed spindle, supports standard BBT-30 tools

Ultrasonic assisted machining can reduce cutting resistance and process temperature rising, to extend the tool's lifetime

Ultrasonic assisted machining can reduce the roughness from processed surface, to reduce the time for polishing

Can reduce the burr existing after processed hard and brittle material

Can do micro-hole processing for hard and brittle material

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Specification VU-5
Table size(LxW) 850x410 mm
Max. table load 250 kg
X/Y/Z axis travel 510/400/350 mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse 48/48/48 m/min
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper No.30
Spindle speed 20,000(Opt. 24,000) rpm
Spindle motor 3.7/2.2 kW
Tool capacity 20 pc



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