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TIMTOS 2019 TTGroup - Total Solutions Provider

Members of the TTGroup (Tongtai, Honor Seiki, APEC, and Quick-Tech) will exhibit 11 elite models in TIMTOS 2019 Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, booth J0830) on March 4 through 9 and provide total solutions to expand our share of the market. Moreover, Tongtai will hold a press conference on 5 March to announce future prospects and the first plan of “Key Motorcycle Components Smart Manufacturing Line” in Taiwan.


Tongtai ”Future Leader of Smart Manufacturing”

“To stand in customers’ shoes, To see the industry's needs, and prepare for the coming global trend of intelligent technologies, you may secure the orders”, said Chairman Yan. Tongtai has diverse production lines, thus allowing us to provide a one-stop solution for any requirement. We are very experienced and capable of turnkey solutions and whole plant exports. Furthermore, Tongtai organized a team, composed of professional software and automation development members, to do customized revision to meet customers’ demands. From manufacturing to smart manufacturing, Tongtai is the best partner who can assist industries to reach success.


Taiwan‘s first “Key Motorcycle Components Smart Manufacturing Line”

The other highlight of the press conference will be to present “Taiwan‘s first plan of key motorcycle components smart manufacturing line” which Tongtai and Kymco collaborates with Siemens (software) and ITEC System to develop this plan. The smart manufacturing line constantly will upgrade the production efficiency and enhance international competitiveness of the motor industry. This plan will demonstrate Tongtai’s power and capability in smart manufacturing. We can provide total solutions for our clients from smart machine to automation line, even to flexible smart manufacturing line. This line will be not only for motor industry, but also for automotive industry, aerospace industry, and 3C (computer, communication, and consumer electronics) industry.


Besides, Tongtai will exhibit five high efficiency, multi-function units. They are Horizontal Machining Center, SH-4000P; Horizontal CNC Lathe, MT-2000; Multi-tasking Turning Center, TD-1500Y; Tapping Center, VTX-5; Multi-tasking machining center, VMT-200.


Honor Seiki ”Vertical CNC Lathe Expert”

In 2018, Honor supplied at least 25% of its sales amount to Aerospace industry. According to the trend, there will be a demand of more than 42,000 aircraft in the world in the next 20 years, and the total output value will be as high as 6.3 trillion US dollars. With Honor’s New Generation Aerospace specific High-accuracy vertical lathe, Honor would continuously supply stable equipment to the Engine, CFM LEAP supply chain of Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737MAX, and China C919.....more about Honor Seiki


Quick-Tech demos innovative series stand out as an automatic lathe

Quick-Tech’s customers from Aerospace, Medical & Automotive industries are highly satisfied with the results and performance of our machines. One of the main benefits from our customers is the time saved for setup and thereby the increased production and considerably reduced operating costs.....more about Quick-Teck


APEC ”Aerospace Machine Solutions”

Asia Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC) specializes in producing 5-axis large scale high speed machining centers for over 15 years. APEC focuses on the aerospace industry and aims to provide high-end aerospace total solutions to customers. Thanks to domain know-how and problem solving abilities, factory planning (Facility, Turnkey, Intelligentization) could be provided. By being a strategic partner of OEM and Tier 1 customers and offering customer driven innovation business models, APEC is gradually building up leading brand positioning in the aerospace machining industry......more about APEC


For more information, please contact us:


Lulu Yen                                   
Spokesperson & Assistant of Chairman       
Email: yenlu@tongtai.com.tw


Deputy Spokesperson 
Email: fix@tongtai.com.tw

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