CNC Multi-Tasking Turning Center

TMT2000 Series

● All design features including symmetrical saddle
design, X/Y/Z axis perpendicular to each other and
true linear Y axis, which make servo compensation
possible, ensure excellent positioning accuracy.
● The modular design with main spindle and sub-spindle
plus two or threeturrets with Y axes allows most
complex parts to be finished in one machine
setup.Automation is easily accomplished by a bar
feeder or a robotic arm with part storage.
The compound machine func tions including turning,
milling and even off-center machining plus automation
make long-term manless operations possible and guarantee
best return on investment.

TD Series

• 75 degree slant bed design keeps the advantages of
excellent chip disposal and accessibility.
• Lower gravity center enhances the structure rigidity.
• X/Y/Z axis are perpendicular to each other with a real
linear Y axis.