Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

TBF Series

● Double-wall column structure guarantees the high rigidity, dimensional stability and good vibration
damping capacity.
● Hydrostatic system with high rigidity,high damping
and low friction features to keep the accurate positioning
and machine accuracy during heavy cutting operations.
● The 3-step gear box integrated by high precision gears
creates high spindle torque for heavy duty cutting.

TBT Series

● With symmetrical box structure and the inner wall
with double layers,the column has excellent rigidity
to minimize the deformation caused by heat expansion.
● The 2-step gear box, for increasing the output torque
is integrated by high precision gears to create the
combined advantages of high rigidity and efficiency.
● The high rigidity, high damping and low friction
hydrostatic bearing, the rotary table is driven by an
oblique gear with double pinions anti-backlash gear box
to guarantee high accracy and high efficiency.