CNC Multi-Tasking Turning Center
TMT2000 Series

TMT2000 Series

● All design features including symmetrical saddle design, X/Y/Z axis perpendicular to each other and true linear Y axis, which make servo compensation possible, ensure excellent positioning accuracy.
● The modular design with main spindle and sub-spindle plus two or threeturrets with Y axes allows most complex parts to be finished in one machine setup.Automation is easily accomplished by a bar feeder or a robotic arm with part storage.
The compound machine func tions including turning,milling and even off-center machining plus automation make long-term manless operations possible and guarantee best return on investment.

TMT2000 Series
TMT2000- Series type
Item Specification Unit
Turning capacity Max. swing diameter mm Ø720
  Max. swing diameter over saddle mm Ø310
  Max. turning diameter mm Ø320
  Max. turning length mm 600
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 4500(Opt. 6000, for collet chuck only)
  Chuck O.D. inch 8”
  Bar capacity mm Ø65(Opt. Ø51)
Sub-spindle Spindle speed rpm 6000, for collet chuck only
  Chuck O.D. inch 8"
  Bar capacity mm Ø51
Power turret Tool shank   BMT-65 (Opt. VDI-40)
  Tool capacity pc 12x2 12x3
  O.D. Tool mm 25x25
  I.D. Tool mm Ø40
  Max. speed rpm 6000
  Max. tool diameter mm Dia. 20 / M16
Stroke X1/X2/X3 axis stroke
mm 205/205/- 205/205/205
  Y1/Y2/Y3 axis stroke mm ±51/-(+20~-51)/- ±51/-(+20~-51)/±51
  Z1/Z2/Z3/B axis stroke
mm 600/600/-/680 440/600/440/680
Feed X/Y/Z/B axis rapid traverse m/min 30/15/36/30
  Cutting feedrate mm/rev 0.001~500