SH-5000P_green.png SH-5000P 
Horizontal Machining Center

■SH series is developed for smaller stroke need and aluminum parts machining. It is  equipped with 15,000 rpm built-in spindle which has 18.5/26/37 kW power and 95/171/250 Nm torque output. In addition, for customers considering the requirements of cycle time and loading/unloading time, the APC (automatic pallet changer) system is available as an option.

■X axis roller guide ways are set on stepped bed. This further increases structure rigidity, lightens structure weight, and saves floor space. 

■Minimized machine width design benefits the mass production line planning.

 TD-2000YBC_green.png TD Series 
Multi-Tasking Turning Centers

■Rigidity is better than the past
Inheriting the outstanding machine rigidity from TB series, the TD series is the brand new multi-tasking turning center with single power turret which standard equipped with 12 tool stations and linear Y axis to process milling function. In addition, for customer’s needs, the 16 tool stations turret and sub-spindle is also available for more complex machining process, it helps to reduce labor costs and increase floor utility.

■75 degree machine bed structure
Different from the 90 degree slant bed on TB series, the TD series adopts a 75 degree slant bed design. It not only keeps the advantages of excellent chip disposal and accessibility, but also lowers the machine’s gravity center for enhancing the entire structure rigidity.

■Linear Y axis structure
TD series adopts a symmetrically saddle design, the X/Y/Z axis are perpendicular to each other with a real linear Y axis. It allows servo compensation on each axis to optimize the positioning accuracy.


 VC-608_green.png VC-608.610.711 
Vertical Machining Center for High Speed Contouring

■High rigidity structure
Wide span column with the best force flow route ensures the machine rigidity.

Through finite element analysis (FEA), the static, mold and optimization analyses of structure were processed for ensuring high dynamic rigidity and stability.

■Various spindles are available
For ensuring the motor’s performance, direct-drive spindle with 12,000 rpm is equipped as standard (15,000 rpm is optional).

■Tongtai self-made built-in spindle (optional)
Maximum spindle speed 20,000rpm, which allows the machine to expand the  range of machining applications.

Oil-air lubricated bearings and the floating sleeve on rear-end bearing are able to   reduce thermal generation and avoid thermal expansion that affects machining accuracy and bearing life.


 VU-5_PI_green.png VU-5 
Rotary type Ultrasonic assisted machining center

■The excellent ultrasonic control technology can ensure the stability of long-term machining. Frequency scanning and power setting can be completed automatically by controller to improve productivity. 

■Periodical tool axial vibration (15-45 kHz) decreases the cutting resistance and increases the surface quality.

■Modular design, equipped with BBT-30 tool holder and high speed spindle, allows high efficiency machining.

■Coolant through spindle is available for chip disposal and to reduce tool wear caused by temperature rise and cutting resistance.

■The roughness of metal cutting surface is arround Ra 0.2 μm, it reduces the polishing procedure and achieves the quality of final finishing.

■The ultrasonic machining technology not only reduces chipping but also has the ability to process microhole machining on hard and brittle materials.

◎Specifications may be changed without prior notice.