Tongtai published August 2016 sales report
Tongtai Machine&Tool Co., Ltd. (4526) published August 2016 sales report.

A part of the summary statement, monthly revenue for August 2016 equals to 675,446,424 New Taiwanese Dollars, in comparing to last month decreased by 5.69%. Total revenue from January to August equals to 5,748,522,017 NTD, which is 1.87% lower than the same period of last year. 

Speaking of a Group's overall income, machine tools made 88% of it, and 12% were for electronic equipment. As for product application, during January-August of 2016 50-55% of income came from automobile industry, 10-15% - from electronics industry and 8-10% from aerospace industry. Concerning markets, in January-August of 2016 60-65% was for Taiwan and China, 5-10% for other regions of Asia, and 25-30% for America and Europe.

USA’s second biggest machine tool show IMTS opened on September 12 in Chicago. Tongtai along with local US distributor is going to present 8 elite machines. Tongtai is optimistic about US automobile industry recovery, manufacturing industry recovery and new development of aerospace industry. Tongtai believe that even in currently weak environment of machine tool market it’s still possible to seize business opportunities.

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