A board of directors submitted a financial report for the second quarter of 2016.
During today’s (August, 8th) board meeting the financial report for the second quarter of 2016 was passed. Total revenue for this period amounts to $2,685,157 NTD, gross business profit amounts to $431,898 NTD, the total net profit of the term - $40,768 NTD. The total income of the first part of 2016 amounts to $4,355,458 NTD, net profit is $15,254NTD. The rate of gross profit remained the same 23%, EPS of the first half of the year amounted to $ 0,14 NTD. For the whole Group for the first half of 2016 50-55% of the income came from the auto industry, 10-15% came from the electronics industry and 8-10% came from the aerospace industry. Concerning the market, the main market for Tongtai is Taiwan and China – 50-55%, other Asian countries – 10-15%, America and Europe – 30-35%.
In recent years the global laser industry shows a stable growth and is in high demand, especially by the newly-emerging countries. Except of the traditional metal working industry, Tongtai also started to invest into R&D of laser technology, developing metal printing equipment (3D printing) that is meant for two applications – laser restoration and laser hardening. Tongtai was invited by ITRI to participate in the event on August 9th, themed “Domestic laser industry autonomisation, creation of added value”. For this even assistant of Chairman Yen Lu became one of the speakers, and from the marketing point of view shared the way Tongtai is keeping the whole world in view in the machine tools area. On August 29 Tongtai will also participate in the forum, organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, themed “Development Sources of Laser Industry”, and Tongtai’s strategic alliance partner Contrel will share their views on the domestic laser technology application and development opportunities, and how to create a value chain via cooperation with academic institutions.
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