July 2016 sales report
Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. (4526) released a sales report for July2016.
A part of consolidated statement: monthly revenue for July 2016 amounts to $716,196,114 NTD, in comparing to July 2015 increased by 9.00%. Grand total for the period from January to July amounts to $5,073,075,593 NTD, in comparing to the same period of last year increased by 5.48%. Speaking of Group’s overall income, machine tools made 87% of sales, electronic equipment made 13%. Concerning products application, for the period from January to July 50-55% of income came from auto industry, 10-15% from electronics industry, 8-10% from aerospace industry. As for the market, for the period from January to July main market is Taiwan and China – 60-65%, then Europe and America – 25-30%, and then the others Asian countries – 5-10%.
On August 10th Tongtai organized an “ERP pledge ceremony”, implementing a new information system in order to meet rapidly changing market challenges. In the future we hope to use advanced information flow to upgrade and improve our work process. Besides, on August 15-16th Tongtai will participate in “Asia Auto Industry Manufacturing&Processing Forum” in Jakarta, Indonesia. Special assistant manager Zeng Wen-Peng is going to outline Tongtai’s intelligent manufacturing possibilities and successful sales of Tongtai’s machines on the Southeast Asia market.
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