T-TAC gives CAD/CAM a new energy

On July, 29th T-TAC, along with SolidCAM - CAD/CAM software manufacturer form Israel organized shared foundation and presentation of “Technological Laboratory SolidCAM Taiwan”, attracting many visitors. During this event various seminars were organized and also industrial technology exchange, focused on three main industries: aerospace, parts manufacturing and molds manufacturing. At the same time seven different kinds Tongtai’s machines, including CNC Lathe, Vertical Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, 5-axis Machining Center, etc. were set up to perform machining process, to let the guests understand the most developed and recognized CAM software and what machining results it can achieve in combination with Tongtai’s machines. Another activity was the master class where guests could learn how to use iMachining Technology Wizard with Tongtai’s machines in order to create the most efficient machining solution and to increase tool life. Tongtai Machine & Tools, represented by Chairman Yen Jui-Hsiung and SolidCAM signed a strategic alliance contract in order to integrate hardware and software, to increase machining efficiency and to provide the clients complete solution.

Chairman Yen also noted that first T-TAC was established in 2013 at the main factory in headquarters in order to get closer to customers and to be able to provide immediate service. Nowadays T-TAC expanded to Malaysia, China, Switzerland, Thailand, etc., organizing products trials, technological projects, machining technology seminars and other kind of events, receiving clients’ positive response. Cooperation with SolidCAM is expected to increase the soft power, boost overall machines sales, and future benefits are worth the wait.
On the picture, from left to right: Tongtai’s Chairman mr. Yen Jui-Hsiung, SolidCAM’s worldwide sales manager mr. Eddie Pevzner, SolidCAM Taiwan’s vice president mr. Ye Zhan-Chang